Written and Illustrated by Crux © 2015



Megapolis is a webcomic focusing on the characters within the titular city, which is engineered to function and accommodate for denizens of ordinary, gigantic, or small size.

The city itself, along with its illustrious academic campus, houses amazing sights, developments, and strange secrets.

While this comic's setting has an unusual concept, interpretations of theoretical technology, and also presents the utilization of fantastical elements such as magic, the focus of the story is on the characters. A "science fiction and fantasy slice of life with some action and anthropomorphic characters," would be a fairly accurate way to describe it.

The plot of the story focuses on Crux, an alumnus of the city's academy who had left shortly after graduation. He is summoned back under strange circumstances and eventually finds himself mentoring selected troubled students while also dealing with life outside of the academy as he acclimates himself to the city once again. While he learns more about the students he's attempting to help, which may help him deal with his personal issues involving aging and nostalgia for his younger years. It won't be simple though, as he encounters strange and otherworldly beings and occurrences while hiding his own secrets and mysterious past. Another question that lingers: why has he returned to the academy that he was so quick to leave?